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D. Light

10 Things about D. Light

1. Loves to eat cheeses with names she can't pronounce.

2. Thinks Ke$ha is adorable.

3. Had her first kiss at 17.

4. Once she had three dates in one day.

5. Once she didn't date anyone for an entire Saturn transit. (That's 2.5 years!)

6. Has a weakness for funny guys.

7. "D. Light" is her birthname -- at least partly -- although this picture of her has been slightly digitally altered. ;)

8. Doesn't care who your love interest is, man, woman, chocolate bar -- as long as you feel good about it.

9. Has been doing astrology for longer than some readers have been alive -- but is NOT OLD. She just started young.

10. Is a Pisces.

Check out D. Light's blog, Sex & the Galaxy


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