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Snake and Snake

Two Snakes can have a mutually fulfilling bond due to their shared values. Snakes have an inner sense of insecurity so stability and trust are both very important to this sign; two together can trust one another to contribute to a stable relationship. They can also have plenty of fun together, regardless of whether their connection is amorous or platonic; this is a very popular and charming sign, possessed of a deeply intriguing sensuality. Two Snakes will likely be very attracted to one another from the beginning, though they may vie for the center of attention.

As lovers, these two will definitely connect on a sensual level. They are master seducers, disarmingly smart and possessing an air of mystery and danger. If these two live together their home life will likely be very comfortable and low-key, since this sign’s charisma and popularity belie a rather reserved nature. Snakes tend to be rather jealous and possessive lovers, due to their innate insecurities, but two together might be able to do away with that dynamic. Snakes are quite capable of loyalty and trustworthiness; two together aren’t likely to give one another reason for suspicion.

As business partners, these two can truly shine together. Snakes have a gift with money and their intuitive minds are well-suited for business; they rely not only on logic but on well-honed instincts to point them in the right direction. This sign is also rather conservative in nature and won’t take unnecessary risks. Snakes are dynamite at meetings and power lunches, able to charm new clients and potential associates into agreeing to almost anything. The problem here, as in general between two Snakes, is an air of competition that may get out of hand unless both parties make conscious efforts to quell their urges to be on top. Snakes would do well to learn a sense of humility.

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